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Monday, 25 June 2018

We KARUNIA manning & crew management, provide our customers with high qualified officer and crew for all types and sizes of ships to suit each clients needs.

Our philosophy is to provide the best crewmembers who embrace wholeheartedly of our owner? spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, ensuring the smooth running and operational efficiency of the ship.

Our manning & crew management objectives are to ensure that crew are:
  • Carefully screened and selected as per STCW requirements
  • Assessment of competency and English language ability
  • Selection of appropriate crew for ship
  • Maintaining of pool crew
  • Joining and repatriated efficiently
  • Monitored for performance
  • The subject of adequate records
  • Medical expenses
  • Crew contract and Endorsement
  • Crew accident insurance
  • Provision of working gear
Joining And Arrangement
  • Traveling expenses, Visas expenses
  • Immigration expenses
  • Ticket expenses
  • Safety training and discipline entertainment
  • Safety familiarization video training
  • Safety required by SMS
  • Familiarization of competency for specific type of ship
  • Familiarization company SMS and policies
Payroll Arrangement
  • Salary and extras all overtime
  • Performance Bonus and leave
  • Arrangement of crew provision
  • Other crew costs
Appointed Agent For Crew Handling
  • Accommodation joining and repatriation if needed
  • Crew escort for joining and repatriation
  • Necessity of crew documentation